Beginners Welcome!

We specialize in riding lessons for beginner through upper intermediate levels of riders. Our expertise lies in patience and the art of giving a thorough explanation for the whys and hows.

To help grow the outstanding horsemen of the future, we teach hunt seat with proper technique and safety as paramount whether you are learning to compete or just riding for pleasure. Lessons are taught with emphasis on learning correct positioning and learning to ride organized.

Personal Attention

Your instructor will create an individual program based on your objectives and all lessons are taught in private sessions only to maximize the personal attention each rider receives.

Each lesson includes:

  • Basic care and grooming
  • Tacking your horse and care of the equipment
  • Elements of safety
  • Ample riding time
  • Proper cooling out techniques


Private Sessions: $65.00 per lesson

Lessons are approximately 1 hour, depending on the material being covered. We do not offer group or semi-private lessons at this time.

Ready to Ride?

Each rider must come prepared to learn in long pants (jeans are ok) and paddock boots (or boots with a small heel). No rider will be permitted to ride in short pants or sneakers.

We have helmets to lend to you as well as all the necessary equipment for the horse. Riders are encouraged to purchase their own helmet and riding footwear. Nimble Creek Farm horses are available for lessons for free if you do not own your own horse.